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Quirigua Mayan Ruins & Jade Museum

Enjoy the ancient culture of the Maya during this excursion to Quiriguá, the ruins which include the largest known quarried stone in the Maya world, and which exhibit the best artistic style and technique. On your way to the site, enjoy the scenic drive through Guatemala's Caribbean coast, including driving through a banana plantation.


Quiriguá appears to have been inhabited from the second century AD, and was once the capital of a thriving state. Its ruins include 12 tall monuments carved from single blocks of stone called stele, enormous carved stones of mythological animal shapes called zoomorphs, carved calendars, temples, a palace, a ball court and a plaza.

To date, Quiriguá is the only place where zoomorphs have been discovered.
The largest of the stele is an impressive 35 feet tall and weighs about 65 tons. The hieroglyphics sculpted upon the stelae recount the history between this city and the ancient city of Copan in Honduras.

These vertical monuments are incredibly intricate and apparently served as symbols of Mayan rulers and priests. They also provide the only remaining chronicles of this advanced civilization which so mysteriously disappeared. Incredibly, they were carved using only stone chisels and wooden mallets.

It is a testament to the hardness of the rock and the mildness of the climate that they have lasted for over 1,500 years. After thoroughly exploring the ancient mysteries of Quiriguá, reboard the motorcoach for the scenic ride back to the ship.

Duración: 4 Hous 30 minutes
Includes: Roundtrip transportation the puerto , tour guide, entrance.
Do no include: Food, Drinks.
What´s to bring: Camera, hiking shoes, suntan lotion and hat
Private Price: We offer the possibility to make this tour PRIVATE (Bus & Guide) for an additional fee of 30% of the regular rate and with a minimum of 10 participants.

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Operational Notes

  • Complementary soft drinks or bottled water are served during the tour.
  • Round trip transport between the ship and attractions.
  • The meeting point is inside the pier. Happy Fish Travel have a special permission. Our guides are located close to the main gangway, just behind the security stand (scanner).
  • Our guides will be at pier with a sign and the name of the tour on it.
  • This tour has been designated an adventure tour.
  • All tour guides are bi-lingual English – Spanish. For other languages please make the request in advance.
  • During this tour, in some places there is no shade, pax should bring sunscream, a hat, sunglases, etc.
  • During the rainy season, Sep- Nov, pax should expect some rain. Pax should bring a raincoat.
  • Happy Fish Travel suggests pax to bring mosquito spray for beach and rain forest tours.
  • Boats and tour guide are equipped with First-Aid Kit in case of accidents.
  • Pax should wear comfortable shoes.
  • Pax should be advised to bring a backpack to store cameras, film, sunscream and any other belongings for easy travel.
  • This tour is designed for active people that enjoy exercise and the great outdoors.

Tour Timing

  • 1 hour 30 minutes by bus from the port at the archaeological site of Quirigua.
  • 1 hours recored the ruins of Quirigua.
  • 1 hour 30 minutes of returning to port.